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Fillings Amalgam Free by Oakridges North Dental…
Predominantly, in restorative dentistry when you undergo a root canal, mainly amalgam fillings were used but their success rate was pretty much low as amalgam restorations use to fail over a period of time due to its vapourisation or the content used to bring down the good health of the teeth and that affects your confidence levels as a smile is the loveliest ornament of your personality.
The amalgam-free restorative technique was introduced to counter the failure of amalgam based fillings. As previously the filling amalgam mainly contained metals like mercury, silver but it has always been a controversial talk as mercury being poisonous and toxic too, would it be a safe practice to use it in dental fillings?
Now the new filling materials have flooded the dentistry industry and giving the dental practice a boom as now the material used not only fixes and restores your teeth but also make them similar to the natural teeth hence maintaining your natural look. Majorly porcelain, glass, and composites are being used to restore the natural appearance of the teeth and also have better and strong bonding capacity to the teeth.
Such new inventions in the field of dentistry have given the field a unique paradigm shift.
Oakridge north dental clinic in Richmond hill, make use of and highly recommend dental fillings which are Amalgam free which becomes the unique selling point of this esteemed clinic.
We would be more than happy and welcome you to ask us questions pertaining to the fillings. We want every individual visiting us to have a happy smile. We want to avoid and a health hazard so we would like to take an initiative to educate you and make you aware of the latest developments and advancements in this field pertaining to the amalgam-free fillings.
For more queries and concerns, give us a call on 905-773-7773 or visit us at our Oakridge North Dental clinic in Richmond Hill. For the amalgam-free fillings procedure, please call us to book your appointment so that we can pre-assess your dental health.

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