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Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Restoration Full Mouth Restoration…
Shy about your missing teeth? It’s about time to make that leap and get your teeth restored and bring back the lost glory of your oral cavity.
When it comes to restoring something, that means to replace or restructure something.
Modern dentistry has forged up and has become so advanced that it has made a big headway in restorative dentistry. The techniques which have been introduced into the dentistry are just spectacular. It would be interesting to find out more about it.

Who is eligible for full mouth restoration?

The full mouth restoration involves replacing the broken, lost or chipped tooth by a new one or rebuilding the damaged tooth in a way that it becomes a replica of your original tooth and also which fits well in to your jaw and hence restoring your gum & jaw functionality to normal. Although it requires a lot of skilfulness and the process is a bit time consuming but the outcome is just amazing and worth the effort.

Restorative dentistry is recommended only if you have one or all of the following condition(s):

  • One or Few Chipped teeth
  • Some Injured/Damaged or Broken teeth
  • One or more missing teeth
  • Having clicking of the jaw

A lot of steps go into restorative dentistry process beginning from Scaling, Root planning, bite repositioning orthodontic equipment, dental implants, crowning etc. It is just like an architecture of the oral cavity.

Word about our efficient team:

Oakridge North dental Richmond hill has a team of proficient dentists who does the marvellous full mouth restoration craftsmanship with your teeth and restore your lost confidence and bring back your natural, youthful smile.

What we expect from you?

Every dental damage does not need full mouth restoration, we need to evaluate your teeth before making you eligible for mouth restoration. We are just a phone call away, call us now at 905-773-7773 to book your appointment with us so that we can have one on one session of assessment & evaluation with you. We build your trust on us by restoring your lost smiles.