Children Dentistry

It is a no-brainer that the foundation of anything matters, and that applies to children’s dental health. The majority of dental issues adults face are the result of poor dental care at an early age. Therefore, it is imperative to pay special attention to children’s oral health. Book an appointment for your child’s dental care checkup. Learn more about our children dentistry in Richmond Hill here…

The dental needs of children are different from those of adults, therefore, pediatric dentists specialize in children dentistry. It is essential to take care of children’s teeth when they are young so that they won’t have dental problems when they become adults. Our Dentist here can help with children dentistry in Richmond Hill and give them the dental care they need.

It is more difficult to treat children than adults, so they receive specialized treatment. We perform gentle sedation, which helps them relax and stay calm through mild sedatives or anesthesia. Our dentists will work with you and your child to find the safest and most appropriate sedation option.

When To Take Children For Dental Check-Ups

It is important to note that it is advisable to take children for their first dental treatment within the first six months of their first tooth eruption. This can help discover any issue with their teeth or gum at the earliest stage. When you take your children for their first dentist appointment, there will be a need to start with paperwork, a general dental checkup, and probably a series of X-rays to ensure issues are not developing. 

After this, there is a need to conduct continuous treatment. Therefore, it is advisable to take them for subsequent dental checkups every six months. Taking this regular dental trip will help you. The pediatric dental catch up with any issue in the child’s dental condition.

Different Dental Care for Children Dentistry Richmond Hill

It is extremely important to pay attention to your child’s dental care right from when they are young. Hence, you can opt-in for any of the following dental care:

  • General Dentistry – this has to do with regular teeth checkups and cleaning to ensure your child is in good health when it comes to their dental health.
  • Pulpal Therapy and Crowns – this is a type of dental care for children very similar to root canal treatment; this treatment is offered to children to prevent and treat bacterial infection.
  • Composite Filling this treatment is for nearly invincible coloured spots on children’s teeth.
  • Orthodontics – this treatment helps maintain a comfortable bite and straighten the teeth; this treatment deals with braces for children.
  • Dental X-Rays – this can be regarded as a general checkup for your child’s dental health. Your pediatric dentist may use this to determine if your child has any health conditions related to their dental health.
  • Preventative Dental – this treatment, as the name implies, helps in preventing your children from possible dental issues like cavities, especially when symptoms start ensuing.
  • Pediatric Sedation – this helps the child to keep calm and relax during dental treatment.
  • Infant Oral Care – infants can also be at risk of dental health issues. Therefore, a pediatric dentist can also examine and treat them.
  • Emergency Dentistry  children can be careless and are prone to dental accidents; hence, they need to have an emergency checkup for them in case of dental accidents.
  • Extractions – this dental care is a simple and painless tooth removal in case the need arrives in order to avoid future complications.
  • Dental Sealants – this is a natural-looking defence treatment against cavities. By applying a tooth-coloured “coating” on the tooth, the sealant effectively “seals” the deep grooves. In turn, it acts as a barrier and protects enamel from plaque and acids.
  • Dental Restoration – children can be involved in accidents like playground accidents, sports accidents, and general decay that may weaken or damage the child’s teeth. Hence, they may need to visit the dental clinic to restore their teeth.
  • Fluoride Treatment – each day, children’s teeth tend to lose fluoride; hence, fluoride treatment is to help restore the lost ones. You may consider a fluoride treatment for your child if the child is losing fluoride quicker than they are taking it in. If this happens, they are likely going to be at risk for tooth decay.

The Best Children Dentistry in Richmond Hill

It is crucial to take your children to the dental clinic from time to time to ensure that issues will not arise in the future concerning their dental health. 

We are sure that at this point, you are not planning to leave your children without a regular dental checkup. Hence, you should book an appointment for your children. It is our dentist’s commitment to provide the most relaxing and effective children dentistry in Richmond Hill.