Dental Fillings

We are experts in dealing with dental fillings in Richmond Hill. The purpose of dental fillings varies depending on the situation, and the end goal is to keep your teeth healthy and in shape. Therefore, we provide hygienic dental services that grant your dental health safety. To understand all about our dental fillings services, kindly follow this page.

The bacteria in your mouth cause tooth decay, which is a dental health hazard and can produce acids that harm the tooth enamel. This can result in a cavity, a tiny hole in a tooth. More severe decay can result in a considerable gap, even the complete destruction of the tooth. If untreated, tooth decay can lead to trauma, disease, and even tooth loss.

When considering a dental filling, it is essential to note that there are several uses for this service, including repairing tiny holes in teeth. For example, the purpose of a cavity filling is to eliminate decayed tooth tissue and then simply fill the area with a restorative material.

When repairing holes, several filling materials are presently accessible. Some of these materials are; silver-colored (amalgam) fillings and tooth-colored (composite) fillings. However, because many people prefer tooth-colored fillings and composites continue to improve, composite resin materials are increasingly used to fill teeth.

Also, we use crowns to repair severely damaged teeth, and they are available in stainless steel (for baby teeth), porcelain, gold, or other precious metals. However, it is also important to note that dental fillings and crowns generally do not last forever.

Types of Dental Fillings

Filling your teeth with different types of materials is essential to note. Below are some of the types of dental filling services that we offer, based on your preference and condition

Silver Amalgam fillings

Many people prefer and accept this type of filling. A silver amalgam filling comprises more than just silver; it also contains zinc, copper, mercury, and tin. It is a popular choice because it is long-lasting, durable, and less expensive than other possible choices. A typical silver amalgam filling can last up to 12 years. 

Before opting for a silver amalgam filling, we recommend that you understand the downsides and possible disadvantages of each type. Some examples are; that it is not visually attractive, making it unsuitable for a noticeable tooth. The material can also contract and expand in response to temperature changes, causing the tooth to crack. The variations can create a space between the filling and the tooth, giving room for food and bacteria to enter and causing plaque formation. However, irrespective of the cons of silver amalgam fillings, we strongly recommend it for safety.

Composite Dental Fillings

The Process of Making Dental Filling in Richmond Hill

To make composite fillings, we make use of plastic and resins. A bright curing light softens the materials inside the tooth and solidifies them. This type of filling is a popular choice amongst our patients because it is possible to customize the colour of the crown to match the natural teeth of the patient, making it less noticeable than silver amalgam fillings. Furthermore, composite fillings do not last as long as other types. They can live for up to five to ten years before they need a replacement.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Creating a glass ionomer filling requires the use of glass and acrylic. Usually, we use this filling on kids whose teeth are still developing. Interestingly, glass ionomer filling generates fluoride in the tooth, protecting it from further decay. They will, however, only last a few years because they are softer than composite resin and will break or wear out. Also, unlike composite resin, glass ionomer does not blend perfectly with the natural teeth’s colour and form.

Ceramic Fillings

It is the porcelain nature of ceramic dental fillings that makes them both stable and aesthetically pleasing. Considering the cost implication, ceramic fillings are more expensive than other fillings, but they are tooth-coloured and more resistant to stains and alterations than composite resin. To ensure the safety of our patients, we make the possible downsides to each type known. For example, ceramic fillings’ disadvantage over composite filling is that it is more brittle and must therefore be used on larger cavities to avoid breakage. Our dental specialists can enlarge the area where necessary to accommodate the extra bulk.

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