Do You Have Dentophobia?


Do You Have Dentophobia?

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If your response to this question was “yes,” you could find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Oral health is one of the most crucial facets of our total health. The fear of the dentist, though, can be equally widespread. This widespread phobia may result from various feelings related to concerns about your oral health and any negative dental experiences you may have had as a child. But these anxieties can manifest for specific people as dentophobia or dental phobia (also called odontophobia).

As with other phobias, dentophobia is described as an extreme or illogical dread of something, someone, or a circumstance. In this case, the extreme fear is of seeing the dentist. Given the significance of dental health to general health, you shouldn’t let a fear of the dentist prevent you from getting regular checkups and cleanings. However, not everyone finds it simple to visit the dentist.

Here, we’ll talk about the possible root causes as well as remedies and coping skills that might serve as a springboard for assisting you in getting over your fear of the dentist.

What Causes Dentophobia?

Most of the time, bad past dental experiences are the root of dentophobia. You might have had dental anxiety as a young child, and these sentiments followed you into adulthood. When considering the equipment that dentists and dental hygienists use to clean and examine patients’ teeth, some people may experience anxiety.

A phobia is an extreme fear, according to the definition. This might also have connections to a bad past events. Perhaps in a dentist’s office, you felt pain, discomfort, or a general lack of empathy; as a result, you have a strong aversion to going to another dentist in the future. According to a reliable source, dentophobia is thought to affect 2.7% of males and 4.6% of women.

In addition to phobias and fears based on past events, it’s also possible to have dentophobia due to worries you may have about your oral health. You might be terrified of hearing bad news because you haven’t visited the dentist in months or years, or you might have a toothache or bleeding gums. Any of these worries can make you postpone the dentist’s office.

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How to Get Over Your Fear of the Dentist

The following advice can help you remain composed throughout your appointment, regardless of whether you’re prepared to face your dentophobia head-on or are getting ready for exposure therapy to visit the dentist progressively:

  • Visit the dentist in the morning when there are fewer people around. Fewer people will be present, and there won’t be as many tools making ominous noises. Additionally, the later you schedule your dental visit, the more anxious you will feel.
  • To relax, bring earbuds that can play music or noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Ask a friend or a close relative during your appointment to come along.
  • Try deep breathing exercises and other forms of meditation to unwind.

Above all, keep in mind that during your visit, having a break is appropriate. To help your dentist know when to stop, it can be useful to agree on a “signal” ahead. You can either finish your visit when you’re ready or return when you’re feeling better.

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In the End

Your oral health significantly influences your general well-being. Even so, if someone has a severe fear or phobia of seeing the dentist, this fact might not be enough to persuade them to do so. Nevertheless, avoiding the dentist directly will just make your dentophobia grow.

There are several coping mechanisms for dentophobia. Notifying your dentist will allow them to make adjustments for you. You can get to the point where your anxieties won’t keep you from receiving the oral care you require. But it will take time and work.

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