Emergency Dentistry

Pain, Broken Tooth, Injury?‎ Do you have a dental emergency? Contact Oak Ridges North Dental Clinic immediately to get professional attention. If left untreated, dental problems can become increasingly serious and painful. Make sure you get the treatment you deserve as soon as possible. Signs of a Dental Emergency: Bleeding mouth, Swelling in the face or jaw area, Severe pain when chewing or biting down.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is a treatment for the infected pulp of a tooth. Most patients who have root canal treatment should hope to have a working tooth following the procedure. If you practice proper dental health and visit the dentist every six to twelve months, the treated tooth can last, and the other teeth. Our dentists can listen to your complaints, check your teeth, and do other tests, such as x-rays.

Oral Surgery

We blend our high level of experience in oral surgery with professional support and a warm atmosphere to perform oral surgery procedures. We remain dedicated to providing the best possible care for all of our patients. Our dentists will offer a wide variety of treatment options to meet the specific requirements. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality service with everything we do. We collaborate closely with our patients to guarantee that you have the best treatment possible. We also collaborate with your referring doctor to provide you with the most effective, pain-free care possible.

Bleeding and swollen gums

Bleeding and swelling gums are typical symptoms of early onset Gum Disease, also known as gingivitis. Using soft, deep cleaning procedures, our hygienists will detect and treat bleeding. Contact our office if you think you have gum inflammation. Also, with daily cleaning, if your gums are inflamed, swollen, tender, or bleed, it indicates that there is a substantial buildup of plaque along your gum line. Taking our dental practitioner’s advice is critical for a good outcome, even after therapy has been finished. Regular checkups, in conjunction with your home treatment, are essential for preventing complications from recurring.

Knocked Out and Loosed Teeth

If you have a knocked-out tooth, save the piece and take it with you to our dentist. A tooth fragment may sometimes be rebounded. Our dentist can use the original emergency visit to decide whether the fracture involves nerves (complicated fracture) or not. Cosmetic treatments can also be expected at times. If you are experiencing pain resulting from a knocked-out tooth, pain relief will be used to alleviate the discomfort before you can visit our dentist. Because of tooth wear or decay, a filling or crown can fall out over time. Although care can be delayed in some cases, it is critical to get assistance as soon as possible, mainly if there are jagged edges.

Broken, Chipped, Cracked or Fractured Teeth

A fractured or missing tooth causes issues that extend far past the cosmetic value of your smile. If you bite down and experience sudden pain, stop those things, or chew on the opposite side of your mouth, you may have a fractured or broken tooth. A broken tooth can cause irritation and pain, and if left untreated, it can lead to more severe problems, including extraction. If you have a fractured or missing tooth, there are many things you can do to care for it as you wait for specialist dental care. You can take care of your cracked or broken tooth by avoiding chewing on that side of your mouth and Avoid foods that are too stiff, too hot, or too cold.

Lost Crown

You’re at a restaurant enjoying delicious food when you crunch into something hard. You look to see what it is, and your dental crown is staring you in the face. This kind of thing happens to so many folks. Thus, if you notice that your lining is being exhausted or that your dental crown is weakening, the first thing you can do is call our dentist right away. You should feel unsettled and frightened after losing your filling and crown. But If you are in pain or discomfort, you should avoid consuming or drinking very cold or scorching foods. It’s not an emergency so that we can see our dentist as soon as possible.