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April 8, 2019

Implant, Gum and Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the teeth right at the back of your mouth. They are usually the last teeth to come through. There isn’t always enough room in the mouth for them to grow properly, and this can cause can cause dental problems. Your dentist can help you evaluate the specific conditions of your wisdom teeth and the role they play on your total oral health. Although many individuals may benefit from the removal of their wisdom teeth, others may not derive significant benefits and removal may not be recommended. There are many conditions associated with wisdom teeth that would be an indication for their removal. In the discussion that follows several of the more common indications for removal of wisdom teeth will be presented. As a general rule patients will benefit from the early removal of “high risk” wisdom teeth, rather than waiting until the teeth become symptomatic or cause damage to adjacent teeth.The first condition that is evaluated when examining wisdom teeth is whether they will fully erupt into the dental arch or whether they will become impacted. Teeth that have some factor that is preventing their normal eruption are termed “impacted”. Ninety-five percent of wisdom teeth that erupt will have completed their eruption by the age of 24. Wisdom teeth that are impacted have been shown in multiple studies to be associated with a higher risk of becoming symptomatic (causing pain) and other pathologic conditions such as infection, the development of cysts, and even tumours. However, all impacted teeth do not necessarily need to be removed.

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