White Fillings in Richmond Hill

At Oak Ridges North Dental, we are experts in dealing with dental fillings. Dentists do dental fillings for different cases, and the end goal is to keep your teeth healthy and in shape. Therefore, we provide hygienic dental services that grant your dental health safety. To understand all about our dental white fillings services, kindly follow this page.

Destructive bacteria cause tooth decay which is a tooth hazard in your mouth. It can produce acids that harm the tooth enamel. This can result in a cavity, a tiny hole in a tooth. More severe decay can result in a considerable gap, even the destruction of the tooth. If untreated, tooth decay can lead to trauma, disease, and even tooth loss.

When considering a dental filling, it is essential to note that this service is often used to repair a tiny opening in a tooth. For example, our dentist fixes a cavity to eliminate decayed tooth tissue and then simply fills the area with a restorative material.

White fillings are most commonly used to reinstate tooth structural support after cavity treatment. Cavity treatment necessitates the evacuation of damaged tooth structures. The therapy improves oral health but exposes the treated tooth to decay further.

After a more invasive restorative procedure, our dentist may equip you with a pre-formed filling known as an inlay or onlay. A dental crown can be fitted after root canal treatment or the removal of extensive tooth decay. A crown is a ceramic cap that completely encloses a tooth and protects the underlying tooth.

At Oak Ridges North Dental, we will place your white fillings during a quick and painless procedure. Our dentist will wash and sterilize the treatment place after your treatments. Our dentist uses a special etching compound to prepare the treatment site.

Etching creates natural microscopic pores on the surface of your tooth enamel, allowing the composite resin to form a strong bond with your tooth. Your doctor will choose the colour of resin for your dentition. Then, our dentist artfully moulds the composite resin over the surgical site. The fillings will blend in with the tooth structure around them.

After our dentist applies the resin, he uses a special blue light to harden the fillings quickly. Then the doctor will do some examination to check your bite. This process confirms that the composite resin does not come in contact with your bite. Therefore, he can make minor changes after the examination. At Oak Ridges North Dental, when we get your white filling done, you can be sure of no side effects. Also, there is no stipulated recovery period.

Why You Should Consider White Fillings in Richmond Hill


White fillings are more secure. Over time, other materials such as metal tend to leach into the mouth and bloodstream, while silver amalgam contains mercury, a known neurotoxin. In addition, white fillings are chemically inert and do not contain any potentially harmful metals or chemicals.

Natural-looking Outcomes

White fillings are visually appealing. Composite resin is even used in dental bonding, a popular cosmetic dental procedure. Our dentist can shade-match the white fillings to match the colour of the tooth structure around them. Your dentist will integrate the fillings with adjoining tooth structure because the material is highly malleable before hardening.

The organic lustre of teeth is also matched by composite resin. Also, we can polish the resin after it has hardened to a reflective quality similar to your natural tooth. Many of our patients can’t tell where their fillings begin and end because white fillings are so natural-looking.


White fillings do not change shape in response to temperature changes. However, silver amalgam fillings change shape in response to temperature changes. Over time, these variations can cause wear and pressure on the surrounding tooth structure.

Reduced Sensitivity Risk

Composite resin does not transfer heat as quickly as metal. This property enables patients to avoid unpleasant sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods and beverages. For example, many people who have silver amalgam fillings must exercise extreme caution when drinking hot tea or eating ice cream. White fillings protect your tooth from temperature changes.

White Fillings Maintenance

Fillings can last for a few years to several years if properly maintained, and it is simple to keep your white filling.

 You should take precautions to avoid tooth decay, which can loosen or dislodge your fillings. Brushing your teeth twice a day (or more), flossing, limiting your sugar intake, and scheduling twice-yearly cleanings at our dental office can help extend the life of your fillings.

Be mindful of what you eat!

Avoid foods such as popcorn seeds, nuts, and certain candies, and they can cause your fillings to chip or prematurely wear. Although hard foods are generally bad for your teeth, we recommend avoiding them or limiting your consumption of them as much as possible.

The Best White Fillings in Richmond Hill!

We offer detailed imaging of your teeth structure and mouth more than consultations and examinations. Book an appointment for white fillings in Richmond Hill. Have a panoramic x-ray, and understand your dental state without going through any form of stress.