Why Does It Matter to Replace Lost Teeth?


Multiple methods exist in which losing a tooth can be traumatic. A missing tooth may affect more than just how someone looks on the outside; in fact, it can lead to various other problems and health concerns. It is crucial to take good care of your teeth since losing a tooth can have multiple negative effects. If you’ve ever lost a tooth, being aware of the options for tooth replacement will greatly help you maintain the health of your smile. Call us today if you want to replace missing teeth lost so that we can take the most appropriate steps as soon as the tooth is gone. ¬†

The longer you wait, the less likely for dentists to save the tooth. But if the tooth falls out because of decay, you should take the right steps to fix things, such as making sure the decay doesn’t spread to your other teeth.¬†

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Replace Missing Teeth in Richmond Hill

Why Should I Replace Missing Teeth?

Each Tooth Is Important

Losing a tooth can make you self-conscious and make you afraid to smile because of what others might think. Since our smiles play a significant role in identifying ourselves, having a gap left may make you feel less like yourself. Apart from appearance, each tooth is equally significant and essential to your mouth’s performance. Losing a tooth might change how the biting pressure affects the remaining teeth. After you lose a tooth, the remaining teeth in your mouth must take up the chewing and biting functions that the missing tooth used to do.¬†


Eating Some Foods Will Be Difficult

Your mouth’s total ability to chew food will reduce¬†if a tooth is lost. This might indicate that you start to feel some pain after eating specific foods.¬†


Teeth Can Change Your Face

The profile of your face might change due to tooth loss, which is a little-known fact. Because the jaw bones are no longer in the same way when chewing, leaving a gap or multiple gaps where your teeth once were might reduce their density. 


More Teeth Can Be Lost If You Have a Gap

Cleaning may become more challenging after tooth loss. Plaque can collect and lead to disease in other areas when you are missing a tooth. Additionally, gum diseases brought on by this plaque may accelerate the loss of other teeth. If you don’t replace your missing tooth, you could lose other teeth due to your inability to clean your teeth properly.


Replace Lost Teeth in Richmond Hill


How Can You Replace Missing Teeth?

A replacement tooth should last years if you get the suitable kind and have it put in correctly. It’s crucial to choose which treatment method is right for you.¬†


Dental Implants

Perhaps the most common method for replacing lost teeth is dental implants. They appear and work like actual teeth. Dental implants frequently replace a single tooth. However, they can replace many teeth.



Complete dentures are fitted after your natural teeth have been extracted and consist of a full set of artificial lower and/or upper teeth. Dentures can be challenging to adjust to and might at first feel unpleasant. This is frequently the best choice if you’ve lost most of your teeth.


Dental Bridges

A fixed bridge can replace several teeth at once by joining the teeth to a framework. In order for the center to serve as a replacement for the missing teeth, neighbouring teeth or implants support the bridge. An all-ceramic bridge is the best choice for preventing the black metal lines that we occasionally observe at the bridge rim. This is a fantastic choice if you are missing several teeth in a row.


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Maintaining dental hygiene and preserving your identity requires replacing lost teeth. Contact Oak Ridges North Dental today if you need proper advice and care from a new dentist.